Michael W. Greene Reproductions & Restorations

With excellence,  everything is handcrafted by Michael W. Greene
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   Michael began working for Max D. McSwain of  Lattimore, North Carolina in 1973, shortly before his marriage to his wife, Gizelle. Max was taught this particular trade by  third generation cabinet maker, Hugh Gunthorpe of Germany, who’s father taught him and Grandfather before him.
Gunthorpe taught Max D. McSwain and 12 other men is this area. Michael apprenticed under Max for seven years. After becoming a master craftsman himself, Michael bought  McSwains Antique Shop along with all the clientele in 1980. Michael has owned the business since January, 1 1980.

After a few years he changed the name from McSwains Antique Shop to  Michael W. Greene Antique Reproductions & Restorations.
Michael's business has evolved to include reproductions from different styles and genre such as; Modern European to Classic American Traditional.
Michael W. Greene Reproductions & Restorations

                                                                   In  February 2016 , our son-in-law Lyle,

                                                          joined us under the same apprenticeship Michael

                                                    started in 1973. We want to welcome Lyle Jordon Nicholson.









          In his workshop, every piece is handcrafted with individual attention.

       Graced with elegant style. A definite work of art.

      Quality that will last.  Expect the finest.

       With excellence everything is handcrafted 

   by Michael W. Greene






            Handcrafted  by Michael W. Greene